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While some of the earliest scientific excavations in Texas were conducted here during the s and s, a virtual hiatus in research from to , and only erratic research since, has resulted in a fragmented and inadequate archaeological database that pales in comparison with most other regions of Texas. During this same period of scientific neglect, many of the region’s impressive and unique archaeological resources have been and continue to be subjected to rampant destruction from uncontrolled digging by untold numbers of relic hunters and site looters. Clearly, it is this perplexing history of research—in a region with an exceptionally rich and significant array of archaeological sites—that provides impetus and urgency for this proposal. The Trans-Pecos Archeological Program TAP was designed to bring the region into the 21st century in terms of theoretical underpinnings, scientific methodologies, and interpretations of data. Early research in the region operated without benefit of major advancements in analysis and dating that are considered standard analytical procedures today. Based within the region of interest, and uniquely positioned to achieve multiple research objectives, the TAP program utilizes a thematic approach to investigate six pressing regional research issues. All data recovered through field work will be analyzed and reported through well-illustrated, book-length publications. In addition, several spin-off articles for submittal to scientific journals can be expected. Still other benefits of the program will emerge in the form of scholarly lectures for the public and interested organizations, and in the development of state-of-the-art educational museum exhibits. With funding earmarked for investigating a range of carefully selected sites, major contributions to our knowledge of the human past—not only in the Trans-Pecos and Big Bend, but also in critical adjoining regions of the Southwest—can be achieved.

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Fitz Gerald, from the Oct. Lyrics written by Buddy Bernier and sung by Edythe Wright. Audio provided by Dorothy Emmerich. This site is edited by Barry Popik.

Search for past sheriffs in our free directory. Using the following directory, you will locate lists of former sheriffs along with photographs, biographies, county jail histories, county sheriff office history and other documents dating back as far as the ‘s.

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So I thought it was time for a little change of pace! This post highlights another very common archaeological feature found in many of the sites within Eagle Nest Canyon and elsewhere across the Lower Pecos Canyonlands —ground stone bedrock features. Amanda cleaning off bedrock features. I first became interested in bedrock features during my tenure at Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center.

Most intriguing were bedrock features that were over 50 cm deep. I thought to myself, what on earth were the Lower Pecos inhabitants doing with these features when you can barely touch the bottom with your fingertips?

The Eastern Canal Path spans the entire length of its namesake waterway through Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler in suburban Phoenix. The trail, which at times has a smooth paved surface and at others a coarse gravel, provides access to nearby residences, schools and parks.

Pecos County Pecos County Population Charts According to the most recent demographics data available from the Census Bureau released in December of , Figure 1 Pecos County indicates it has 15, population which is the highest of all countiesin the area. The population percent change for all areas for to is shown in Figure 4 and for Pecos County illustrates it has 2. Comparing Population Change to the United States average of 3.

Also, compared to the state of Texas , Population Change of 7. Looking at population density in Figure 5 Pecos County shows it has 3 population density which is in the center of other counties in the area. The next higher population density is Reeves County is The county with the highest population density in the area is Ward County with a population density of 14 measures approximately 4. Figure 6 shows the median age of the people and Pecos County indicates it has The county with the highest overall median age of all people in the area is Terrell County with an age of Comparing the median age of men versus women in Figure 7 we find that Pecos County shows median age of men is only about 2.

Figure 10 shows the Hispanic or Latino population of the area with Pecos County shows it has

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History[ edit ] Post is located on the edge of the caprock escarpment of the Llano Estacado , the southeastern edge of the Great Plains. It is at the crossroads of U. Routes 84 and

Henderson is a city in Rusk County, northeast Texas, United population was 13, at the census. It is the county seat of Rusk County. Henderson is named for James Pinckney Henderson, the first governor of Texas.. The city has functioned as a major crossroads in Northeast Texas over the last two centuries.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

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Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us.

Henderson, Texas

Livermore at 8, ft. Though not as high as Guadalupe Peak in the Guadalupe Mountains, the Davis Mountains are quite unique and have their own notable features. Thirty-five million years ago during a period of intense volcanic activity, the Davis Mountains were formed from massive eruptions that built up shield volcanoes. Palisades that characterize landmarks in the Davis Mountains like Sleeping Lion Mountain and Limpia Canyon were created by a peculiar feature called columnar jointing.

Not only do the Davis Mountains have rare landmarks, but they are the largest mountain chain contained entirely within Texas.

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At left, a painting by George Catlin depicts a Kiowa and Comanche encampment near the Red River of Texas which the artist visited in the s. At right, a Kiowa camp, some 30 to 40 years later during the time in which the tribe was being moved onto reservation land. Migration of Kiowa peoples from the north in the 18th century to southern Plains in the 19th century.

Shown are reservation boundary, raiding trails to south into Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico, and locations of annual Sun Dance, the major Kiowa religious ceremony. Map adapted from Levy The name “Kiowa” derives from the English spelling of “Ka’I gwu,” meaning “principal people. Interviewed in the late 19th century, the chief told of the Kiowa’s origins far to the north and of a time before there were horses to help move families from place to place.

Photograph by William S. Original image in National Archives. The introduction of the horse to North America changed the lifeways of Plains Indians, making buffalo hunting, moving camp, and engaging enemies easier. Teh-toot-sah, one of the Kiowa encountered by artist George Catlin, reportedly in an encampment along the Red River, Indian Territory, in the s. The Kiowa was described by Catlin as the head chief of the Kioways sic , ” a very gentlemanly and high minded man, who treated the dragoons and officers with great kindness while in his country.

His long hair, which was put up in several large clubs, and ornamented with a great many silver broaches, extended quite down to his knees. Howard’s Well, a stage stop on the Southern Overland Mail route, was the target of repeated attacks by Indians throughout the s and s.

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Photographs by Michael Amador. Rugged limestone canyons cut through sun-drenched desert plains of thorny brush vegetation like sotol, lechuguilla, yucca, and prickly pear. But to hunter-gatherers some 4, years ago, this uninviting territory was a veritable garden. Though hidden at first glance, the limestone canyons of Southwest Texas protect a historical treasure of ancient pictographic art and relics of the people who inhabited the region for more than 9, years.

Kyle Nuttall negotiates oil and gas leases and pipeline right of ways for West Virginia mineral and surface owners. Mr. Nuttall graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in

Help support Ancient Southwest Texas research. Stephen Black launched in with the broad aims of: Black is an assistant professor of anthropology at Texas State, and is concentrating his research efforts on the Lower Pecos Canyonlands LPC on the northeast edge of the Chihuahuan Desert. This archaeological region is known for its dry rockshelters and caves which prehistoric peoples used for the sacred and mundane as witnessed by vivid pictographs dating back over 5, years ago and thick deposits formed over millennia of well-preserved habitation debris ranging from basketry and sandals, to food remains and coprolites.

Despite years of research, the extraordinary archaeological record of hunter-gatherer life remains understudied. The Eagle Nest Canyon project is to be a collaborative endeavor led by Dr. Black in partnership with the Skiles family, SHUMLA, and contributing scientists, students, and volunteers, as well as other organizations. You can follow the progress of the Eagle Nest Canyon Expedition on our blog: Click here for more information.

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Carol LeMoine Trammell succumbed to brain cancer on November 2nd, , in her home in Willis, Texas, holding her granddaughter’s hands. Carol was born on July 27th, , in North Adams, Massachusetts, to parents Marie (Mace) LeMoine and Raymond LeMoine.

History[ edit ] Montrose was originally envisioned as a planned community and streetcar suburb dating back to the early 20th century before the development of River Oaks. Link and his Houston Land Corporation envisioned a “great residential addition” according to the neighborhood’s original sales brochure. Link’s planning details for the area included four wide boulevards with the best curbing and extensive landscaping. Montrose is going to lead the procession.

Edgar Odell Lovett, the first president of Rice University. Modeled after the Ritz-Carlton in New York, the hotel cost over one million dollars to construct. The corner of Montrose and Westheimer was the site of regular demonstrations against the Vietnam War. Street vendors sold Space City! Also starting around the s the area became known as the center for the gay and lesbian community of Houston. The area sported an estimated gay bars at the time, including the Bayou Landing, thought to be the largest gay dance hall between the coasts, and several gay activist groups, including the Gay Liberation Front.

Later, punk and new wave clubs like The Paradise Rock Island, the Omni, and Numbers opened in the late s and early s. Montrose has been “a haven for Prohibition honkey-tonks , antique stores, wealthy socialites, motorcycle gangs, gays, harmless eccentrics and a broad array of exiles, writers, artists and musicians.

University of Houston professor Maria Gonzalez stated that “With this murder[

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The discovery of a large prehistoric earth oven on a ranch in southwest Texas is giving an archaeologist at Texas State University the opportunity to answer questions about the lives of the ancient people who painted the famed rock art along the Texas-Mexico border. The area is part of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands , the name archaeologists give to the rugged, deeply incised canyons formed by the Rio Grande and its major tributaries, the Pecos and Devils Rivers.

Earth ovens are layered arrangements of earth for sheltering the red-hot limestone cobbles used to bake local desert semi-succulent plants such as agave, lechugilla and sotol hearts. The plants were baked for two days to render the complex carbohydrates into edible sugars. Prehistoric peoples—hunter-gatherers whose tribal names have been lost—began baking plants some 7, years ago or earlier, a practice that intensified 3, , years ago and peaked about 1, years ago.

Find marriage and divorce vital records from Texas and all Texas counties. Search through Texas marriage and divorce records and contact your local vital record office to .

I slept outside under a pile of quilts and watched Venus rise through the teeth of the Crazies, trailing the moon. I followed the river up into the mountains where it stays clear and cold before the ranchers take it – diverting what they need and generally more, to water crops and livestock – and I caught improbably large Cutthroat trout in small water, in gravel bends that gave way to freestone, and then wide slabs of rock cut into tall cliffs.

Heywood, the only member of the band who has ever missed lobby call, managed to rise in the dark before anyone and leave on day-long rambles, summitting three peaks in the Bridgers, and coming back sunburned and happy with a handful of mountain goat wool for my daughter. There were ravens and eagles, hawks, kites, cranes and owls every day, and the silence was so massive that sometimes the wing beats would startle me before I saw anything, a sound like a bellows over my head.

I drove the ranch roads and lifted one finger off the steering wheel at the passing trucks, imitating their finely calibrated greeting, the combination of nonchalance and courtliness, if not exactly approval. I tried to let the quiet build up in me, and penetrate as far as it would go. August is going to be one of those months. Meanwhile, there’s plenty going on, so let’s get to it.

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