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10 Weirdest Phobias You Never Imagined

They come as naturally to life as breathing or making a meal. For some, however, relationships are not so easy. But our understanding of how the fear of commitment for some people can be paralyzing has increased. While they still experience love like anyone else, the feelings can be more intense and scary than they are for most people. These feelings drive increased anxiety, which builds upon itself and snowballs as the relationship progresses — and the expectation of a commitment looms larger.

fear of dating phobia. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six affected person goes to great lengths to avoid the situation or object, to a degree greater than the actual danger.

Moving Beyond the Childhood comments Commitment phobia is a very painful experience both for the one who engages in the pattern and for those who are involved with that person. Commitment phobia is something I see in my office often and happens to both women and men. The key piece is fear. Fear of intimacy and deep emotional connection. People who are commitment phobic feel they need to cut off their feelings after a certain point of knowing someone as a means of feeling in control and feeling emotionally protected.

This is often not conscious and going on at the deepest level of the sub consciousness. You can spot a commitment-phobe a mile away only if you know what you are looking for. But if not, it is not at all obvious because one can be deeply taken in by the art of seduction that is prevalent at the hands of a commitment phobic person. They are deeply involved in the thrill of the hunt as a key part of the experience.

They begin the process of keeping score. They are consumed with picking out the negative traits in the other person in a meticulous fashion. Basically, they are looking for perfection; which is what they erroneously feel would make them happy, in control and ultimately emotionally safe. They are there and then they are not. You know what I am talking about:


Feedly Defining Fear of Intimacy Everybody has something they fear- water, spiders, snakes, heights, etc. We are all human and it is totally normal to develop a phobia. Then, there are some people who have developed the fear of intimacy. Fear of intimacy is defined as the subconscious fear of closeness, and it has a major impact on personal relationships. It is a mixture of physical and emotional phobia that occurs in a meaningful relationship or between people who are very close.

Phobia of dating can spoil your love life. It is high time you give attention to this. It is high time you give attention to this. When you feel shaky or phobic about various aspects of dating or rejection by your prospective partner, why not have a face-to-face chat with your partner.

Humorous And Fictional Phobias Blending Humor with Fear For years, a number of fake phobias have been popularized on Internet lists and in other sources. Fictional phobias are often a play on the traditional Latin construction of phobia names; arachnophobia, for instance, takes the words for fear and spiders from Latin roots. A fictional phobia uses this construction for humorous effect. A few of the more humorous examples are: Luposlipaphobia — The fear of being chased by wolves while wearing socks on a recently waxed floor; invented by Gary Larson for his Far Side strip.

Venustraphobia — The fear of beautiful women. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia — The fear of long words. Homophobia — Fear of homosexuals. This fictional name has gradually become the accepted term for bias against gay men and women. However, while fictional phobias can be quite humorous, they can also be problematic.

One of the biggest problems with this list of humorous phobias is that many of them are a bit too similar to real phobias, and in certain instances, they can seem to remove some of the importance from real-life conditions. They can also muddle the understanding of what a real phobia is. What is a Real Phobia? To put it as simply as possible, a phobia is an irrational fear that is held despite contradictory evidence.

Running from Commitment Phobia

Commitment Phobia Warning Signs By: Sherry Gray Commitment phobia is fairly common among singles who think they want a long-term relationship, but just can’t seem to make the right connection. Fear of commitment may be caused by a number of stimuli including failed past relationships, misplaced trust or dysfunctional early family life. Learn the warning signs to recognize it in others—or in yourself. Commitment phobia is fairly common. Meet Singles in your Area!

Dating phobia is a common problem that affects both males and females. The underlying cause varies. You may deal with a social phobia, which makes dating difficult. Then again, your problem may be fear of commitment, in which you shy away from a serious relationship.

Has society developed into a bunch of insatiable commitment-phobes? It certainly feels that way at times. It makes me wonder, is there a commitment phobia crisis? Did generations before us experience this same thing, or is it just us? Well, not so much, because we still need companionship … but, you say, you can get that from other sources.

Could it be that when dating in the age of instant gratification the grass is always greener on the other side? So is there a commitment phobia crisis?

Dealing with a Fear of Death

Terror Causes of Gynophobia This fear also encompasses a feeling of hatred towards women. Men who suffer with this phobia may have experienced several different types of traumatic experiences. Maybe when they were young, they had a physical encounter with a woman that could have been sexual or violent. Maybe they witnessed a severely negative incident where a woman abused a man.

Different causes and roots to this phobia lead to different levels and outcomes of Gynophobia. Gynophobia usually appears in men who do not regularly interact with women.

According to Massive Phobia, Sarmassophobia is an isolated phobia, meaning that there’s typically a root cause about why it exists in the first place. If someone was abused, or perhaps their very first relationship pushed a physical relationship earlier than they wanted, it may cause a fear of dating, intimacy, and sex.

I was her manager and her bullying of another female member of staff had to stop. Known for having her finger firmly attached to the workplace ’emotional temperature dial’, she was apt to scream and shout, but also cunningly find and push any emotional buttons unwittingly presented to her. At least one colleague had been made tearful by this woman in the last week alone.

I thought I had no particular fear of confrontation, but with her I wasn’t so sure. So there we were. She looked at me scornfully as if to say: Careful what you say, Mister! Feeling like Gary Cooper in High Noon minus the glamour, heroism, or glory, I’d been rehearsing what I was going to say all morning. I’ve always felt that undue emotion should be kept out of the workplace, just as we should refrain from pouring cement mix into a car fuel tank if we’re actually trying to get somewhere.

But having determined to stay calm, I surprised myself by suddenly feeling angry.

Ask Mystic: Dating Phobia Symptoms?

Expert Reply Dear Raymond, Believe it or not, most people under the right circumstances blush or get flushed in public situations. Some experience this when they get angry, others when they speak before groups and a few people like yourself blush when talking with someone new. The difference between most people and you is the level of embarrassment felt. One contributing factor to your experience may be the anxiety you feel prior to talking to another person.

This ‘pre’ event is contributing to your situation and may actually make things worse as your body begins to respond to your fear of “wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Every moment allowable we spent together, so maybe it was because i didn’t have much down time to fear him, us. I do remember however waking up every morning, fearing he would start ignoring, and .

The scientific fear of commitment name is gamophobia, and it can affect people of both genders; however, for many women , dating a man with commitment phobia can be frustrating. Women often break off the relationship at the first signs of the problem, but every man is strong enough to deal with this issue if he gets adequate help. Giving up on a commitment phobic person is an easy way out.

Trying to help him is a responsible approach that can save a good relationship. Commitment phobia, also called relationship anxiety, can happen for many different reasons. For some men it can have psychological roots that date back to his childhood. Others have had bad experiences in the past. If you are faced with a commitment phobe, you will have a hard time helping him get unstuck, but you must remember that there is nothing impossible for a determined woman.

Identify the Commitment Phobia Identifying that your man is a commitment phobic can be tricky. Some women often mistake this condition for loss of interest and proceed to break off the relationship. Perhaps he is dealing with a fear of commitment.

FEAR OF INTIMACY & the 5 Ways to Overcome it