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A Muslim can do a temporary Marriage “mutah” to one who is Christian or Jewish. Many sunni’s defame this and call it prostitution because they know little about mutah. Omar made the Mutah haram forbidden during his leadership. This proves that it allowed during the time of the Prophet saw. To make something that is in the Koran or that was deemed halal allowed by the Prophet saw is in itself haram. Mutah allows one not to fall into sin. It is abused by some and used in the wrong ways, just like many Muslims date when they shouldn’t. As Shia it is not recommended that we marry someone Christian or Jewish permanently until they are Muslim.

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ASA brothers mtsmallick and Waz Originally posted by waz The marriage act in the faith of islam is indeed a holy institution where two souls are bound in marriage for the rest of their lives. It is not just a sexual relationship but one that is food for the soul and will increase your own piety and spirital strength. The act of “muta” is one practiced by extreme shia advocates. This is not something that the prophet or his companions did.

It was allowed on one occasion during an long expedition in which a quick marriage was allowed. After which it was made unlawful for any muslim to carry out. Mutta marriage is something short tern that a man marries a woman satisfys his urge then divorces her and moves to the next. This is simply degrading and disgusting. Woman are precious and should be treated as such. This filth called muta shows no respect for woman or the faith. I tend to agree with you. However I am not sure it is only done by “extreme shia advocates”.

It seems to be more common in Shia society.


Q1 Can a Sayyidah marry non-Sayyid? A1 It is permissible. Q2 I am in a secret marriage with a Sunni girl and recently read on your site that it is not permissible to marry a Sunni girl without her fathers permission. Is our marriage valid? A2 The aforesaid marriage would be invalid, if the wife was virgin. Based on precaution, it would be invalid even if she was independent in her livelihood.

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While the Prophet peace be on him permitted temporary marriage during journeys and military campaigns before the Islamic legislative process was complete, he later forbade it and made it forever haram. Fornication was very common and wide-spread among the pre-Islamic Arabs. After the advent of Islam, when they were required to go on military expeditions, they were under great pressure as a result of being absent from their wives for long periods of time.

Among the Believers were some who were strong in faith and others who were weak. He forbade us to do so but permitted us to contract marriage with a woman up to a specified date, giving her a garment as a dower mahr. Reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim. Thus temporary marriage provided a solution to the dilemma in which both the weak and the strong found themselves. It was also a step toward the final legalization of the complete marital life in which the objectives of permanence, chastity, reproduction, love, and mercy, as well as the widening of the circle of relationships through marriage ties were to be realized.

Muslim has reported this in his Sahih, mentioning that al-Juhani was with the Prophet peace be on him at the conquest of Makkah and that the Prophet peace be on him gave some Muslims permission to contract temporary marriages. The majority of the Companions held the view that after the completion of the Islamic legislation, temporary marriage was made absolutely haram. A person asked him about marrying women on a temporary basis and he permitted him to do so. Bayhaqi transmitted it and Muslim as well.

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Shadi is a bond between two individuals. Wedding is called as “Shadi” in south asian languages. Many of the Pakistani Muslim matrimony customs are a combination of local, religious, and family traditions.

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Aep Saepulloh Darusmanwiati Pendahuluan Pernikahan dalam ajaran Islam bukan saja sesuatu yang suci akan tetapi juga merupakan ibadah. Rasulullah saw dalam sebuah hadits bersabda: Karena pernikahan adalah ibadah, maka ini artinya dilakukan karena Allah, bukan semata karena syahwat atau nafsu.

I’m a non-Muslim woman [24, American] dating a Muslim (Shia) man [27, Saudi Arabian]. By ‘dating,’ I mean we are in a mutah. I am an agnostic without any intention of converting, so the mutah is obviously invalid, but he may be under the impression that I’m a Christian.

The message of Allah SWT was to be delivered towards different parts of the region. This was not something upon which Muslims could remain silent: This was not to be taken lightly since the Treaty of Hudaybiyah had promised peace. The Prophet SAW therefore prepared an army of men. These men were to be led by Zaid bin Haritha. However, if Jafar is also killed then the commandment shall move towards Abdullah bin Rawahah. The Prophet PBUH told the army that if the third commander also dies then they shall assign commandment among themselves to whom they wish.

This assured Zaid of the risks that he was to face in the battle. He, however, was a man of great faith; he did not get worried or hesitant. He rather proudly took over the charge and moved towards the battlefield. When the Muslims approached Mutah on 1 Jamadi ul Awwal 8 Hijri, they were surprised to see , Byzantine men ready for the battle. The Muslims, on the other hand, were only 3, in number. The battle was a tough one as each man had to face 33 men.

The Muslims first were considering returning to Holy Prophet PBUH and telling him that the Muslims would find difficulty in war as the enemy outnumbered them greatly.


Given the recent discussion regarding the concept of Mutah, which literally translates to pleasure marriage, the staff at MissMuslim decided to push the conversation forward. Society and Culture Blogger, L. Deen and Spirituality Blogger, Jehan Mansy share their thoughts. The concept of mutah has been in my cultural vocabulary since I was a teenager.

Jun 24,  · Shia Mutah Kiyon Karte Hain-Urdu Book Abdul Kareem Mushtaq – Hum Muta Kiyon Kerte Hain Here is an unbiased debate on ‘Muta’ from ARY Digital. The host is neutra.

I used to view mutah from a shia perspective but since i have opened my eyes and realised that I need to be more open to questionning my beliefs I have began to seriously reflect on these facts: Mutah is not mentoned anywhere in the Quran. Furthermore, a synonym of mutah is also not mentioned. Not one law of mutah is in the Quran. But instead the Quran says: Most shia version of the verse 4: But this is altering the words to fool us as the word Istimatum does not mean mutah but means compliance, fulfilled, pleased, achieved etc.

The word Istimatum is used 8 times in the Quran but the word mutah is not used at all. Furthermore, in all 8 times the word istimatum makes perfect sense if used as fulfilled. In none of the verses does the word mutah makes sense if it is substituted for istimatum. In Al Mizaan the famous Ayatuallah Tabatabai says that mutah is also allowed with married women provided they are your slaves. But he contradicts verse 4:

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