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It would have been such a wonderful power couple, a beautiful marriage with super-wizard kids, lol. Hard to believe that Ron the whin bab-boy got Herm, she is a higher class babe. Also, she could have chosen another animal for Hufflep. Ivan harry potter and Hermionie shipper since the series began Zanitaroma I still prefer Ron and Hermione. And Hermione and Ron had those moments. In the process, they came to understand and discover each other, eventually resulting in a marriage. Hermione and Ron are well, not perfect, but excellent. He was the first one to make her cry in the first book, he made her cry at the school dance, he made her cry when he let Lavender make out with him, he made her cry when he left during the whole Horcrux subplot…. Ron and Hermione make a terrible couple.

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Mischievous and sweet they charm everyone they meet. But there’s something strange about them and their older brother Ron and his friend Harry, who’re hiding secrets of there own, knows it. Will they uncover the truth?

FanFiction | unleash Home Community Books Harry Potter Ron and Hermione Romance Stories. Ron and Hermione Romance Stories. Follow. Focus: Books Harry with your whole heart, they are Perfect in your eyes, as is, you are Perfect in someone else’s eyes.’ Ron and Hermione fic about being Perfect and being in love. Short, sweet, and slight.

The character of Ron fits many of the stereotypes expected of the sidekick ; he is often used as comic relief , is loyal to the hero, and lacks much of the talent Harry possesses, at least in terms of magical power; however, he proves his bravery several times, such as playing ‘real wizard’s chess’ in the first book, and entering into the Forbidden Forest with Harry during the second book despite his arachnophobia.

Some of Ron’s qualities serve as foils to Harry. While Harry is an orphan with more gold than he needs, Ron comes from a loving but poor family; many of his possessions are hand-me-downs. Harry is famous but would prefer to avoid the spotlight; Ron, in comparison, is often perceived as a mere lackey and sometimes becomes jealous of the recognition Harry receives.

Finally, Ron is the most mediocre of his siblings, being as of the first book neither an excellent Quidditch player, a noteworthy student, nor the daughter his mother always wanted. All of these factors combined cause Ron to feel insecure; Ron’s inferiority complex and his need to prove himself, is the main thrust of his character arc. Ron and Harry share a compartment on the Hogwarts Express , and they begin their friendship: Ron is fascinated with the famous Harry, and Harry is fascinated with the ordinary Ron.

It is here that they both meet Hermione Granger as well, whom they initially dislike but who later becomes their close friend after they save each other during a dangerous encounter with a mountain troll. Ron plays a vital part in the quest to save the Philosopher’s Stone. His strategy at Wizard’s Chess allows Hermione and Harry to proceed safely through a dangerous life-size, animated chess game.

During the game, Ron allows his piece to be sacrificed and is subsequently knocked unconscious.

Remus’ Reason: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Karel’s Story by Dragonzlayerx12 reviews Karel, a Jedi, was working on the downed Imperial Star destroyer on Remnant when something happened. He’s in the middle of a conflict between an Empire and Wizards. A Harry Potter Adventure by Cole Pascal reviews A hero will rise, wielding a hereditary power that when coupled with a knowledge of contemporary technology will create a new world for Magicals and a new potential for humanity at large. He’s not happy after being pulled out of a self-imposed exile following the tragedies of his 21st birthday but when you’re a demigod, life never stays quiet for very long.

Summary: Harry finds it difficult to juggle dating the most difficult Slytherin in the wizarding world and learning what needs to be learnt to fight Voldemort. Or maybe life just hates him. Either way, Hermione gets to be smug about it.

The Fallen Angel Arise by Saramagician reviews There is always a light in the middle of darkness, you just must be brave enough to see it and to embrace it! Then, you will see that you don’t need to take the burden all by yourself; you see that you are not alone. Mention of child abuse and attempted suicide. A sequel to ‘Face The World Alone: Tale Of A Fallen Angel’. Please read that one first. Growing Up Round 2 by Blackwolfhunting reviews Harry thought his life would get better after the war, that he would get to have a good time with his friends.

A second war is imminent.

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The Call of the Moon by Elven Heart reviews Sometimes it’s the quiet ones who have the most to say and sometimes it’s the most unsuspecting person who hides the darkest secret. Remus Lupin was five years old when he knew something was wrong with him. This is his story. Return to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 19 years later as the Golden Trio’s not excluding Scorpius children face new threats and forge new friendships throughout their 7 years at Hogwarts.

Join Albus, Scorpius, and Rose as they live life as only a wizard can.

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In Abandon and its sequel Reclaim , Ron rapes Hermione on her birthday, getting her pregnant. He also explodes a glass in Ginny’s face and attempts to poison Harry. During the summer Dudley and his buddies gangrape Harry. Dumbledore had Vernon under Imperius so that he would molest Harry from a young age in order to “teach Harry his place in the world. He goes a week without food or water, Dudley gives him piss to drink, and as a Christmas tradition every year Vernon and Dudley torture Harry with knives, skinning him alive.

Harry mentions that the only thing Uncle Vernon doesn’t do is pimp him out, and that’s only because it hasn’t occurred to him yet. Dumbledore is fully aware of the abuse and encourages it to happen. Dumbledore also routinely brainwashes Harry with Legilimency, implanting feelings of worthlessness so that Harry will be willing to kill himself later for the sake of Dumbledore’s plan.

After the Abuse, Part One turns Snape into an Ax-Crazy psychopath who brutally murders the Dursleys by setting them on fire, having werewolves rape them, and using Unforgivable Curses. This is apparently a retaliation for unspecified “abuse” of Harry. He then teaches Harry to abuse Muggles, telling him that he is the “Wizarding World Savior” and should only care about protecting the magical world.

He caps this off by committing a terrorist attack that even injures and presumably kills other wizards.

Draco/Harry Fanfic Recs

I’ve taken down incomplete stories that haven’t been updated since and any nonworking links that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I don’t update this page much anymore with new stuff. I have saved the old pages, in case you’re looking for a specific fic no longer listed. Just email me with the title you want and I’ll send you the link.

Watch video · While fans have long been waiting for Ron and Hermione to lock lips in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2,” Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have said that it .

November 7, 3: February 3, First, a disclaimer: I love the Harry Potter books and films. I grew up with them. I will read them to my children. Rowling herself recently admitted that Hermione and Ron should not have ended up together at the end of the series. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron. If you have not read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies do not read on.

The amount of time they spent in the forrest in book seven The seventh book had a lot of problems, but none so great as that stupid forrest. I, like everyone else who preordered the last Harry Potter book, read the whole thing in a day.

Why Ron/Hermione work and Harry/Hermione doesn’t

Previous The reunion was ending tonight. Tomorrow morning everyone would start packing up and leave. Weasley decided on one last dinner together at seven o’clock. It was now 6: She couldn’t find Angie anywhere.

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Jun 21, And she reciprocated by going with Cormac. It is far to simplistic to say that Ron went out with Lavender to make Hermione jealous. Way to simplistic and rather inaccurate. However when Ginny revealed that Hermione had kissed Krum things changed. Ron remembered all those times Hermione referred to Krum as only her friend or pen pal and at this moment Ron realised Hermione lied to him, she lied to him to spare his feelings.

At this moment Ron looked back at how Hermione asked him out and while at the time he hoped it was a date now to Ron it more sounds like she felt sorry for him. Ron was the only one not part of Slughorn’s club and Hermione knew this bothered him so Ron now thinks Hermione only asked him to the party as a pity date. He also remembers Hermione only a short time earlier giving Harry compliment after compliment and ignoring him when she was telling Harry how fancible he was becoming which only confirms to Ron he thinks that Hermione thinks he is not worth anything and is certainly not the kind of guy a girl would be interested in.

This made Ron upset and it really cut deep what Ginny said about no girl wanting him so due to Hermione lying to him and asking him on a pity date because he is so pathetic Ron’s thoughts not mine Ron stops speaking to Hermione.

Hermione Granger Fanfiction

Hermione starts receiving poems and gifts from a secret admirer who plans to meet her at midnight we all know who that is. Cute, fluffy, and romantic fic. Harry Potter – Rated:

Read Dating Hermione Would Include from the story Harry Potter Preferences by vickie_c with 2, reads. ronweasley, newt, fredandgeorge. (Forgot to do one fo.

Other things, like Draco and Harry finally setting aside their differences, are exactly the kind of emotional closure that fanfic has attempted to provide for years. The Force Awakens—which all relied heavily on revisiting and recycling familiar stories instead of exploring new material. In The Cursed Child, Albus and Scorpius are inseparable friends, exchanging the kind of heartfelt declarations that Harry, Ron, and Hermione were usually too embarrassed to say out loud. Since Harry spent his formative years hating Slytherins in general and Malfoys in particular, this is a neat illustration of how anyone can succumb to prejudice.

This whole situation is built on a bedrock of heteronormative assumptions. But Albus and Scorpius, who already love each other and are presented as an inseparable partnership, apparently cannot be put in the same category as these straight teen romances. However, the relationship between Scorpius and Albus unintentionally highlights the lack of queer characters in the series.

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This group prides itself on choosing only the fanfics that are the best out there. Everything from the old school to the new. Largest Community of Harmony on FF! Why she married Ron she did not know, she did know it was the biggest mistake she ever made. Harry Potter – Rated:

Harry potter fanfiction draco and hermione dating – Men looking for a man – Women looking for a man. Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who’ve tried and failed to .

The Heir of the Founders by The Cold Turkey reviews Harry receives a letter regarding his inheritance after Sirius’ death, changing the course of history for everyone in the wizarding world. Harry Potter – Rated: It just figures that Harry has chosen tonight to finally propose. Even when you knew it was comming all along. HH Harry Potter – Rated: When a time wolf appears in his room to help strengthen his mind, he learns of the approach of the Wanderer.

With his friends by his side and relationships changing can he face what comes his way? When Hermione causes his new Firebolt to be confiscated, he realizes that she is more important than any broomstick to him. Continues on from there through their fourth year. Technology is 10 years ahead. After discovering romantic feeling towards Hermione, Harry has to face the problems this brings along with the strange and dangerous happenings within Hogwarts.

Enemies and plot holes abound but great indulgent fun. K – English – Romance – Chapters:

Harry Potter – Draco Dating Hermione? Dramione