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Running a Kickstarter project is a rite of passage for a comics creators, with amazing comics being funded and published every week. Wizards and Fairies and Spells — Oh My! What makes a fantasy comic more than just another Tolkien knockoff? City Of Bones for an exclusive sneak peek and discussion about this exciting thriller, also starring David Tennant Dr. Then he will be joined by special guest, Noah Wyle Falling Skies, ER , star of The Librarians, to discuss the upcoming season of the TNT series and get an exclusive look at season 4, airing this winter. Hammerstein Ballroom — W 34th St Description: Join prolific writer and producer Robert Kirkman as he discuss his wide body of work including the pop culture juggernaut The Walking Dead and the film adaptation of his long-running comic Invincible. Kirkman will take questions directly from the audience in an intimate one-on-one conversation. From Black Panther to Miles Morales: Hudson Mercantile — W 36th St Description:

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Every mari and jovenshire dating Christians meet on the boards and discuss topics from Christian dating experiences, church life, to current events.

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Cartoons[ edit ] Main article: Cartoons was launched as a spin-off of Smosh in April The channel consistently ranks in the top 25 for weekly views. Cartoons is led by Barry Blumberg and Lena Hume. The YouTube channel achieved 1 million subscribers within three months of launching.

Better known as “Jovenshire,” “The Jovenshire,” and “Joven,” he is one of the six hosts of ‘Smosh Games,’ a gaming channel on ‘YouTube.’ Joshua is also known for participating in the gaming competition ‘King of the Nerds.’.

In the video, Anthony attempts to impress his crush, Anna Reed Nelson , by trying to do a backflip, but he fails, landing on his face, and the microphone lands in his anus. They both decide to pull down the video before it blows Anthony’s chances of reconnecting with his crush. Steve explains that the only way to fix the video is by literally going inside YouTube through a portal, and changing the video from the inside.

Anthony decides that it is important enough to go through with it, so Ian accompanies him in traveling through YouTube. Steve provides Smosh with two electronic phones equipped with an artificial intelligence named Diri a parody of Siri , voiced by Kimmy Gatewood , and then shows them the portal that is behind his closet door, after a wiener joke that the duo see coming, but he refuses. Upon their entrance into YouTube they are taken into an ad, in which Diri skips due to Ian’s irritation.

After tumbling through a series of YouTube videos, they eventually end up in a Jenna Marbles herself vlog. Jenna informs them that once their Diri phones run out of battery, they will be permanently stuck in YouTube, just like her, in which they found out there are two Jennas. They decide to split up, but Ian immediately abandons the mission and travels to his YouTube crush video, “Butt Massage Girl” Ross , while Anthony escapes a furry party, gets advice from Steve Austin himself , and finds out that Anna really likes him too.

Anthony tells Ian that his and Butt Massage Girl’s love is fake and that it’s only a video. The duo then finally make it to the embarrassing video of Anthony. Anthony figures out that Ian was the one who recorded and uploaded the video. They both engage in a fight that lasts through three YouTube videos, ending with them returning to the start. Ian decides to make it up to Anthony by beating up his past self.

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Originally posted by smoshisforeversmoshislife ~ Cuddles! All of the cuddles! ~ He’s a really touchy guy when you two are alone. In a gentleman way, that is.

Enjoy Part 2 of Compare. If you missed part one, here is a link to catch up! With another week flown by, you felt yourself getting too caught up in work. That was except the Smosh Games crew since their set was right next to your office. At least once a day, Damien would stop in and say hi to you either before or after any shoots SG was doing. It was a little cheer up for you, something that you happily accepted and kind of anticipated every day.

Sometimes he would stop in and you two would just nonstop talk until you realized you were getting absolutely no work done and needed to head back.

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Coffee Shop AU Weshire one-shot. The afternoon coffee rush had just ended, and there was no sight of his favorite customer and crush, Joshua. He sighed, today was the day he was going to muster his courage and ask if he wanted to go on a date sometime.

Smosh Games is a YouTube gaming channel created by the creaters of Smosh, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The channel currently consist of Ian, Mari, Jovenshire, Wes, Damien and Boze. Former members of Smosh Games include Anthony, who left the Smosh Brand on Profile: Smosh Games.

Major Dating Red Flags The flashing signs are usually qlaringly obvious and yet they close their eyes and barrage right ahead, refusing to look at the red flags waving. This doors windows major turn on women terminating a pregnancy red flags online dating profiles in another. Great deal about wonderful staff. When you first start dating someone new, there should be pretty much no drama..

But there are some legit red flags that some people wave around like glow sticks on a dance. Its lovely and important to treat your partner. The thing is, I have a habit of dating jerks, losers, and just bad guys.. Q A new survey asked people about dating red flags and 77 of people said this was their biggest red flag?. Looking back, I wish I would have acknowledged the red flags much.

If your family has major reservations about a guy, take that seriously.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Game Theory is a comedy Analysis Channel created by Matthew Patrick, where he engages in Wild Mass Guessing by analyzing video games to provide answers on a wide variety of questions, from scientifically determining if something in a video game could be achieved in real life example: Light be considered a villain? The show is accompanied by pictures and diagrams, which often aid with what he is saying, or they are just there for visual puns.

There are a lot of puns. It tackles theories on not only the subject of film, but television shows as well. In , MatPat started another show called Game Lab.

I kissed you even though I was dating your best friend.” “Mari I actually want to thank you for that.” I said right as I got out wrapping a towel around my waist.

Create New Alternative Character Interpretation: Sohinki and Lasercorn introduce this In-Universe at the end of the Christmascraft series. On a Confession Cam Lasercorn points out that it wasn’t really established if Santa was evil and the assumption that he was can’t be based on the boss battle health bar since all of the characters have a health bar.

And when Mari reflects on the fact that the Smosh crew killed pixies in Part 7 Sohinki introduces the idea that the Smosh crew could have unknowingly been playing a Villain Protagonist role. She’s either a fun addition to the gang that people find hilarious and charming, or she’s annoying and unbearable. The youtube comments section is split right down in the middle regarding her.

Though people have generally mellowed out on her appearances over the years. Averted hard with Damien. Most people took to him instantly for his laid-back personality and his already pre-exisiting relationships with people on the squad, like Shayne.

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