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The wooden stable building itself was hand-crafted decades ago, but we have added lots of accessories and surroundings to make a very realistic stable yard, hopefully to delight some lucky young horse-lover today. The idea is that little girls should play with little girl dolls like themselves , rather than absurdly-curved women, or plumped-up adolescents. We believe that childhood should remain a time of innocent pleasures. Our dolls and all their possessions will last for generations if given a little care. Vintage toys are sometimes called “heritage toys” – created for children to play with long ago and still inspiring imaginative play today. These toys are also environmentally-friendly, in that most of the components of the room sets are recycled or reclaimed vintage items, as are the dolls themselves and their clothes. How are they sold? The dolls are sold individually.

This ’67 Camaro is An Untouched Time Capsule and It Could Be Yours!

I told her we usually just watch movies with the kids until they fall asleep on the couch. Then she said this: So we want to make all the memories we can in the time we have left. Count down the hours until midnight with balloons that get popped each hour. Fill bags with treats or activity ideas and label them with the hours until midnight.

40+ Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards. Jana; but sometimes, you need a card that speaks in a language your man is more familiar with. The Dating Divas has a whole collection of valentines based off of movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, New Years Time Capsule Printable Questionnaire for ://

From funny to sweet to sentimental, this post is sure to have what you are looking for! It is sneaking up so fast! Is it just me, or are the cards in the stores getting lamer every year and more expensive?! With over forty options, you are sure to find the perfect card for everyone on your list! The lovey-dovey valentines are great, but sometimes, you need a card that speaks in a language your man is more familiar with.

Sometimes the pink and red gets a little tired during the valentine season. Another fun throwback card! I cant ignore that awesome typography. Does anyone else remember this song? I love succulents so much. Sometimes, less is more.

Boston University students discover 1915 time capsule

Construction workers at Enfield High School cutting down trees and preparing the site for renovations Tuesday unearthed the concrete block. Speculation quickly spread through town that a time capsule dating to the s had been found. Writing etched in the concrete seems to say ” ” and “Do not open until The object found may or may not be a time capsule. But that hasn’t stopped debate about what the town should do — open it now or wait until In the meantime, Kaupin said, the concrete block has been given to Enfield police for safekeeping.

Nov 09,  · Select Back Up Now from the Time Machine drop-down in your menu bar, and if the setup went as planned, your machine should successfully make its first Time Machine backup over your network and to.

Then, we split it. Go to a trapeze class! They have them in my city and they just might have them on your city too. Have friends over and play board games Go to an antique store and talk about the past lives of old objects Go to the neighborhood pool Test drive an expensive car Go on a tour beer, food, etc. Find out what tours businesses in your city offer and try one out.

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It originally aired on February 3, to 4. Storyline Edit Leslie Knope is organizing the making of a time capsule, meant to be opened 50 years in the future and filled with items that encapsulate the spirit of Pawnee. A citizen named Kelly Larson comes to Leslie’s office and makes a passionate plea for the Twilight books to be included. When Leslie refuses because the books have no connection to Pawnee, Kelly handcuffs himself to a pipe in her office until she reconsiders.

He is able to stay several days because he brought food, water and a pillow. During his stay, Kelly notices Tom Haverford appears sad, and correctly deduces Tom is having romantic issues; Tom’s girlfriend Lucy has dumped him because Tom cannot get over the fact that his ex-wife, Wendy Haverford , is dating Ron Swanson.

The September Issue is a record of the last gasps of boom time, before recession hit and even this most apparently profligate world was forced to tighten its (crocodile skin) belt.

I hope you enjoy my Can of Dates! It seems to have become quite popular. If you want another version of this idea geared towards Anniversaries look at my Time Capsule gift idea. Here is the original post: Gift cards are always exciting to receive. So, I came up with the “Can of Dates”. This gift could cost as little or as much as one desires! I typed up many date ideas that I printed off on colored paper and folded up to fit into my can. Some of the date ideas involved additional items that could easily be tossed into the can as well.

Time Capsule

This is a unique way to ensure your first anniversary is memorable and sentimental. Start by putting together the time capsule 6 months before your first anniversary, and then with your spouse, you can add to it each anniversary. This gives you an opportunity to start a tradition you can both enjoy for years to come.

Sep 20,  · A TIME capsule buried by Nazis before World War II has finally revealed its secrets. Polish archaeologists unearthed the big cylinder from a former Nazi training and education facility based in.

However, prosecutors claimed that Garza instructed personnel under his command to report the finding of only 6 bodies, a charge that he has always denied. A video of the unnamed blonde woman and her unusual pet has been doing the rounds on Russian social media for a week. Its origin is currently unknown, but it went viral after it was uploaded on Instagram by Russian fitness trainer valerasupertrener.

Footage shows a young blonde woman holding the leash of an adult fox perched precariously on her shoulder, as they both wait for the train in a Moscow subway station. The bizarre attack occurred in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, back in February. Ekaterina Tirskaya, a fan of supernatural-themed video games and TV shows, met her unnamed victim on social media, and, after hitting it off online, the two decided to meet up in person as well. They went for a date and when it came time to call it a night, the man reportedly asked Ekaterina if she wanted to come to his place for a nightcap.

She accepted, and as it often happens in such cases, the two ended up spending the night together. But things got weird the following morning, as the man later told police that the woman he woke up next to was very different than the one he had bedded.

Capital city time capsules

The six-episode series begins with an hour-long episode, followed by five half-hour episodes in the subsequent weeks. The cinematic docu-drama follows Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Evan Ross as they juggle their lives as soul mates, parents, musicians and artists. With the addition of their eclectic group of friends and famous family who fill their abode with laughter and love, there’s never a dull moment in this young duo’s household. The non-stop life of Ashlee and Evan will showcase the modern day millennial renaissance couple raising a family while building on a burgeoning career.

The series follows the pair and their tight-knit group of lifelong friends, sharing the couples’ creative process as they write and record their first duet album of soulful, authentic and reflective music. As a young woman who has been focused on raising two children, Ashlee is cautious about jumping back into the music world.

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About a year ago, Matt started tagging us on Twitter and sharing gorgeous pictures of Deco buildings, and we thought, “Who is this wonderful man? And when you have a moment, hop on over to www. Not only is he handsome, but he loves Art Deco! What is your day job? What can we find you doing in “real life? As we are a free publication, my job as an Account Manager is to generate advertising sales to make sure we keep printing!

I oversee a plethora of both Retail and National accounts and also sell sponsorship and participation for our events. Check us out at www. How did the Art Deco love affair begin? I just loved her stories, her furniture, and her furs, ha ha. In her youth, she was a model for Du Maurier! Her living room in our home was a time capsule where I always felt comfortable. From there it spread like wild fire and here I am today, Art Deco Divo.

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